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Support local journalism by sponsoring the Spencer Journal

The Spencer Journal is the only news source covering the Town of Spencer. With reporting spanning local government meetings to breaking news, you can count on accurate, relevant, and reliable coverage.

Underwriting guidelines

As a non-commercial news outlet, the Spencer Journal must abide by certain regulations regarding paid sponsorships. In essence, we cannot air commercials, but we can broadcast “underwriter” messages and “thank you” display messages.

When you support the Spencer Journal with your donation, you help keep Spencer in the news.

What we can say in your message

Slogans that “identify and do not promote”

The location of the underwriter

“Value neutral” descriptions of products and services

Brands and product services and trade names

Phone numbers and websites

Your Underwriter Message will be approximately 20 to 30 seconds long.

What we can’t say in your message


Qualitative claims such as “best” or “most”

Direct calls to action such as “Stop by and see us today!”

“Call us now!”

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